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How Smart Printer Management Can Be a Game-Changer in a Post-COVID, High-Inflation World.

In our globalized, interconnected world, the recent economic challenges, such as high inflation and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, have left many businesses grappling to control their costs and optimize operations.

This new economic landscape calls for innovation, resilience, and strategic resource management - including in areas that might be overlooked, like your company's printer fleet.

The Hidden Costs of Unoptimized Printer Fleets

Large or small organizations rely on their printer fleet to some degree. However, many must realize the significant drain on their resources that unoptimized printer operations can be. Costs associated with premature toner replacement, wasted supplies, and power consumption may not make a significant impact individually, but together they can add up to a substantial amount.

This is an inefficiency that businesses need help to afford in a post-COVID, high-inflation world.

The 3manager Solution

This is where 3manager comes into play. Our printer management software is designed to help businesses gain a clear overview of their printer operations, ways to optimize, making it possible to reduce unnecessary costs effectively and with a lot let time consumption.

With features like automated as well as QR code-driven ticket creation, which enables users to raise support requests in less than 30 seconds, and intelligent supplies management that tracks toner replacement and calculates optimal supply times, 3manager turns your printer fleet into a lean, cost-effective operation. Just to mention a few benefits.

Sustainability in an Increasingly Green-Conscious World

Moreover, in an era where sustainability is more than a buzzword, managing your printer fleet efficiently contributes to your company's green efforts. 3manager helps reduce CO2 emissions and power consumption by optimizing printer usage and minimizing waste.

As many companies are now required to present a 'Green Financial Report,' managing and reducing your printer fleet's environmental impact is good for the planet and business.

3manager's Commitment to Innovation

One of the distinct advantages of 3manager is our dedication to continuous improvement. As a company still owned by its founders, we're driven not just by profit but by a commitment to innovation and service.

Our software is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our users and adapt to market trends, ensuring that you always have the best tool for managing your printer fleet.

Plus, our excellent customer service and fast response times mean that help is always at hand when you need it.


In these challenging times, intelligent printer management is no longer just a convenience; it's a necessity. An efficient, cost-effective, and green printer fleet can help companies survive and thrive in the post-COVID, high-inflation world.

Start optimizing your printer operations today with 3manager, and make printer management a strategic advantage for your business.


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